After the Divorce, What Could Possibly Happen?

 What if I lose my job?

What if I have unexpected health problems?

 What if the children are going to college, but the divorce agreement did not plan for the expenses? How will it affect child support?

What if my ex-spouse remarries or co-habitates?

You are not alone.

“You can fire your secretary, divorce your spouse, abandon your children. But they remain your co-authors forever.”

- Ellen Goodman

After your divorce is final, you and your spouse may continue to be linked if you have children together, or one of you is paying support to the other.

Generally speaking, any issue regarding the children is subject to modification, or change, at any time until they are emancipated. Examples include child support payments, college payments, parenting time and physical and legal custody. If one parent decides to move out of state, or a considerable distance from the other which would affect parenting time, a party can return to court to ask that the move be allowed or denied, or for custody or the parenting schedule and pick up and drop off duties to be changed.

If a party fails to comply with the divorce agreement, a contempt action can be brought by the other party to compel compliance.

If a party loses a job or retires, an action can be brought to change child support or alimony amounts.

If a party being paid alimony remarries or cohabitates, under certain circumstances, an action can be brought to modify or eliminate the payment.

Atty. Georgiana (“Gina”) LaFortune is available to meet with you regarding these or other changes of circumstances you are facing since the divorce.

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