Marital Mediation: One More Try

Do you have an idea of what is stopping you from having a happy marriage?

Do either or both of you feel that marriage therapy is not the right option for you or, you tried it and it did not help?

Do you want to know you did everything you could to make the marriage work?

You are not alone.

“An unresolved issue will be like a cancer with the potential to spread into other areas of your relationship, eroding the joy, lightness, love and beauty.”

- Joyce Vissell

If there are issues that are preventing you from enjoying your marriage and you and/or your spouse are aware of the issues, look to marital mediation for help in getting your marriage back on track.

Marital mediation is not the same as marriage counseling. Atty. Georgiana (“Gina”) LaFortune provides marital mediation to help married people openly discuss problems and issues they can identify, and work out solutions just right for them. Both the husband and wife meet with Atty. Georgiana (“Gina”) LaFortune with the mutual goal of working out their marital problems and improving their relationship.  With both of you on the same side, and Atty. Georgiana (“Gina”) LaFortune serving as an impartial mediator, ideas flow freely and feelings are acknowledged in a confidential setting.

Whatever has been in the way of your enjoying each other -communication, time management, household or child rearing responsibilities, or other concerns personal to you - can be addressed and resolved, putting the marriage back on track.

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