Prenuptial Agreements: An Act of Love

We can help you with these common questions and concerns.

How can you raise the subject of a prenuptial agreement?

What is the financial effect an earlier marriage on a new marriage?

Do you have a business or assets you from before this marriage?

Do you expect to inherit assets from your parents?

How you will support yourself if you divorce?

Were you divorced before and had to give some assets to your first spouse? Are you worried about another divorce reducing your assets?

Can we make a prenuptial agreement after we are married?

A prenuptial agreement as a way to address these questions. Parties can also renegotiate the terms after the marriage upon agreement and satisfaction of the same legal requirements as the original agreement.

A prenuptial agreement must be carefully drafted and consider Massachusetts statutory law, as well as particular issues that have risen in Massachusetts case law. It should not be done at the last minute and should be reviewed by the husband to be and bride to be with their own, different attorneys to increase the likelihood of the document being given effect if and when the time comes to use it.

If you have questions or are curious about whether or not a prenuptial agreement may be of interest to you, please call to talk about your options in detail.

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